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These are all characters from stories I've written or am working on. I will have guys up soon.

This is Cerra Stals from my Next Animist fic. All my fics can be found at under the pen name Cerra Stals.
Danielle from my Birds In The Trees story.
Sisters Ann, Danielle, and Lynette from Birds in the Trees.
One of three female characters in a Harry Potter fan fiction I have in the works. If it doesn't work out I'll still leave these three up, I like how they turned out.
Two of the three females from my Harry Potter fanfic.
Yeah, I know I have two dolls with the same name, but that tends to happen. Last girl from my Harry Potter fic. Katrina is the main character.
Ann's husband, Don, from a couple of fics I'm working on, one of which is the 'Birds in the Trees' fic, also two others that are still in the works.
Lynnette's boyfriend, Michael, from the two fics that are still in the hopper.
Tuomas from three of my fics. Same three as Don.
Ann and Don from 'Birds in the Trees', 'Going the Distance', and a new Werecats fic.
Lynnette and Michael from 'Going the Distance' and my new Werecats fic.
Danielle and Tuomas from 'Birds in the Trees', 'Going the Distance', and my new Werecats fic.
Ann from my 'Birds in the Trees', 'Going the Distance', and my Werecats fic, in formal wear. Altogether now, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Lynnette in her Formal wear. I did some editing on this one, but you'd never guess it unless I told you, huh? Next time, please use 'Lynne' instead of 'Lynn'.
Dani! It's me! *giggles* My character anyways. I think they figured that one out.
It's a Danielle fairy! The other ones I did were .jpgs instead of .gifs so they arent' transparent.

That's it! More to come as the stories roll out! I'm sorry, Dani, but she looks a little odd. No offense to