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April 26, 2002; Nothing new except I'm adding a link to my online journal. I hope to have my site hand-coded by the end of the summer *crosses fingers*

April 20, 2002; Wow, been a while since I updated. Added some new stuff to my DCS Registry. My September membership doll will stay up there for now. I'll eventually have a new trading doll that I've created on palace, and the original will probably take the place of the doll that you find on all of my pages.

April 6, 2002; Well, just lil ol' Danielle now. I added a page for the girls that are part of the Prep Cuties Modeling Clan on Avatar Palace.

April 3, 2002; Mystic and I have made up! DQDC will remain open, but I don't know how often Thes and I will be able to update it.

March 3, 2002; The DQDC will probably closing in the near future, more details on the main page.

January 5, 2002; Happy belated New Year. Added some of my more recent Palace dolls and a couple new ones to the Wonderkins/Minis/Silentz page. I think that's it.

December 25, 2001; CHERRY MISTMAS! One more entry added to the Artistic Inspiration contest. Also added a new page with dolls that Thespia and I worked on together. It'd be if you'd told me, Dani. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me. Just added a new Thespia doll. Hope you like!

December 15, 2001; Entries added for our Artistic inspiration contest. Deadline has been extended to the 21st, and winners will be announced on January 1st.

December 13, 2001; Okay. Added a new page, Miscellaneous. Added new dolls to the Wonderkins, Minis, and Silentz. And two new groups on the Groups page.

December 12, 2001; Hiya! I'm back! From now on, any updates in bold will be by me, Thespia. Any in italics will be by me, Danielle. I had lots of time on my hands, so I added tons of dollz. Quite a few to my Dollz and Adoptionz page (Including a banner). Also added an Animated page and a Contest Submissionz page. Any new dollz from me will have the 'New' graphic next to 'em. Enjoy! Okay, if it's for both of us, it'll be italics and bold. Anyway, we changed the web design to a more festive look. Added a few of my own comments to Thespia's dolls *evil laughter* I might change my trademark doll in the next couple days.

December 11, 2001; Hello, Thespia here! Danielle and I are now sharing the site. You probably know me as Mary, but *speaking in a hypnotic voice* that name no longer has any meaning for you. The name Thespia will take its place. *changes to regular voice* Enjoy!

December 8, 2001; Took down the drag-n-drop until I can figure out what's wrong with it. Added a wedding themed page and my winner's circle and started the new contest.

December 7, 2001; Finally did the drag-n-drop. Hopefully it works correctly. New contest starts tomorrow.

December 4, 2001; The winners have been announced for my Briar Rose contest. Next contest starts on the 8th.

December 3, 2001; VOTING HAS STOPPED!! I know it's not midnight yet, but I won't be up then. Results will be posted tomorrow. Added more dolls to my Tutorial Dolls page.

December 1, 2001; Added two pages, Tutorial Dolls and Adopted Dolls and also added an iMood indicator. Also updated the DCS webring.

November 28, 2001; VOTING STARTED!

November 27, 2001; NO MORE SUBMISSIONS FOR THE BRIAR ROSE CONTEST! I received the last submission this afternoon from Mystic. Voting begins tomorrow. If I find any submissions in my box with today's date I will add them later, but right now I don't have time to go check.

November 26, 2001; One more day for entries for my contest! Added a new submission, this one by Katy of Shugary Sweetness.

November 24, 2001; Added a couple more entries to my Briar Rose Contest and fixed the prob with Lumi's entry.

November 21, 2001; Happy Early Thanksgiving! Added the three contestants that I've received for my Briar Rose contest! Keep those entries pouring in everyone!

November 17, 2001; Added several dolls to my Animated dolls page. And added a Cliques page.

November 14, 2001; Added an Animated Dolls page and an Adoptions page for Mary. No entries for the contest yet, but hopefully soon.

November 12, 2001; We've gone past the 100 hits mark! Also added a contest page. The next contest will be a Christmas/Hanukkah contest.

November 11, 2001; Two new 'Friends' dolls added to my registry, added two animated dolls, one in my 'Gifts' section and one in my 'Adoptions' section. And two new dolls done by Mary. And a Wonderkins & Minis/Silents page has been added. And added the navigation links to my Does Anybody See? page

November 8, 2001; New colors for the site, I actually like this design better. New page for my sister's dolls.

November 6, 2001; It's Election Day today so I've created a red, white, and blue doll for the occassion. I won my first award! Thanks to Amber and Allison of Double A Dollies!

November 3, 2001; Okay, added a new page that's off my dolls theme, but I HAD to do something about this! I'm not gonna tell you what it's about here, you have to go check it out yourself. If you complain expect to be ignored, 'cause I heartily believe in freedom of speech.

October 27, 2001; HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Added two dolls to my DCS registry, Luminesque, and Manda. Also added the colored scroll bar code to my Palace Dolls page.

October 25, 2001; Fixed my transparency problem on my Palace Dolls 'cept for my Centaur one 'cause I messed that one up. Notice: Bravenet will be down for a couple days beginning tomorrow (I think). Also added the link to my DCS Registry on my Palace Dolls page. Added some dolls of my brother's friend, Connie *waves*

October 20, 2001; Hmm, been a while hasn't it? Well, finally got connected to Palace and I've added some of my creations. Also added my mailing list. One more week 'til my 16th birthday!

September 30, 2001; Small update, added a linking banner, and added Angel's doll to my DCS registry. Sometime in the next few weeks I won't be updating as much, I'm going back to public high school (I've been home schooled the last year) so my time is gonna be kaput.

September 28, 2001; Added my DCS Registry page! Should start getting more dolls soon! Also added my Fantasy page.

September 25, 2001; YAY! Finally got my personal doll from DCS! Got the webring somewhat straightened out. Also added three new dolls, one of my sister, Mary, one of Lissa, and one of myself. Might have one of my good friend Damaris soon. Also figured out how to make colored scrollbars! *evil laughter*

September 19, 2001; Added the Doll Collector's Society webring. Still trying to get that straightened out

September 17, 2001; Added this updates page, my new counter, and my guestbook

September 12, 2001; Added the Characters page

September 10, 2001; Added more dolls to various sections

September 7, 2001; OPENING DAY!