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Palace Dolls
Welcome to the page where all the dolls that I have made in Palace are located! I figured since I've done so many, why not make a page for them? I need help with some of my transparent dolls. If you can help, please email me.

Here's a comfy looking "Mary". I love that outfit! I'll redo it for you in a couple days.
"Mary" loves panthers so I thought she might like this one. You bet I do!
Pajama Lissa! Those feet look kinda weird.
PJ "Mary". Boy, she sure looks comfy. I like those slippers. *giggles*
Like my PJs? Made this one at the Palace.
One of the first dolls I made with Palace!
I like this one.
Part one of the Evening Elegance collection
Part two of Evening Elegance. *sigh* Beautiful!
Joy's very own Palace doll!
It's Lissa with a cross tattoo! I know, it looks more like me, but Lissa likes blue more'n I do.
Idn't this one purty? Nup, not at all. j/k
I love this outfit! Whee! This one actually looks like me! 'Cept I'm fatter :P
This is one of the first Palace Dolls that I got.
A blue and white Danielle The animated version of this one is on all my pages, please do not take her.
One of my fave ones, this is me.
It's a winged Lissa. Took me a while to figure this one out because you have a limit of nine props that you can use at one time in the Palace, and with the wings it was more like 12 props.
A purple haired butterfly girl. lol
It's surfer 'Mary!' Thes did this one by herself! *applause*

If you recognize one of these dolls please, let me know, and I will provide a link to your Palace.