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These are all the animated dolls that I have made. Most of them were done in a time span of two days.
This is Danielle.
This is an animated Wendy, my first animated doll.
My second animated doll.
An animated "Mary". I made the suggestion for the shirt to change color.
Animated Elizabeth.
A Christmas Rachel
Animated Danielle. This doll is on all my pages and the ones that are shared by Thespia and I. Please don't take her.
Animated Lissa with a cross tattoo.
Animated Patriotic doll *sings* And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free! *stops singing*
Animated Rock doll.
Animated Purple Danielle
Danielle Animated
I like this shirt! Another animated Danielle
Random colored girl.
Another random colored girl.
Animated Roxy girl.
Animated Mrs. Clause.
My latest, still trying to get the transparency to work properly.