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Tutorial Dolls
These are all dolls that I have made using various Tutorials that I've found.

I made this one using Mystic's pixel-by-pixel tutorial on the DCS site. What about the one we did together? *cries* I can't find it! Are you sure it isn't in with your files?

Dolls made using Fairy Ivy Sidhe's Ultimate Doll Tutorial
An X-Mas doll!
This is one of my favorite ones. I love those pants!
A blonde cowgirl
Brunette with a lightning elemental. She looks a little like me.
Rainbow blonde
A brunette in a rainbow dress.
Sky blue brunette.
Brunette in a sunset outfit. :) *sings* Sunrise, sunset. *stops singing* Sorry about that.
Colored girl in a teal outfit. THAT IS SO CUTE!

Dolls made using Mystic's Tutorials

I don't like the hair on this one, it looks like she has too much forehead.
Same as above, just with brown hair.
WAH! The transparency got totally messed up on this one!
I made this one using one of Josie's mini bases. The shoes look kinda funky, but oh well.